Ganeden expands global footprint with new partnerships and launches

Published: 27-Jun-2016

Probiotic company's strategic approach continues to drive international growth

Ganeden is reaping the benefits of a strong focus on international growth with the announcement of multiple partnerships, new hires and product launches worldwide. The probiotic ingredient supplier is already used in more than 500 probiotic food, beverage and companion animal SKUs internationally, and is now concentrating on a targeted approach to global expansion.

Currently, Ganeden is able to ship its probiotic ingredients to 58 countries, a number that continues to grow. To supplement the expanding global footprint, the probiotic company felt it was important to have a personalised and hands-on strategy in each country. Since the start of the year, Ganeden has renewed and added additional distributor partnerships, hired new international sales managers residing in their respective countries and announced new partner product launches on multiple continents.

Distributor partnerships: Ganeden has expanded distribution partnerships with numerous foreign companies local to their regions. The probiotic company recently renewed and added contracts with top distributors in Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, all with companies that are well-immersed in their specific countries. Ganeden is also working with a distributor to provide additional support for growth in the Middle East.

New hires: Ganeden has also increased its team of international sales managers, with new employees in Thailand and Mexico. An additional team member will soon be starting in China. The employee expansion aligns with Ganeden's goal of a hands-on approach — having local contacts on the ground to build relationships and oversee projects.

Product launches: Adding probiotics to functional foods and beverages continues to gain popularity across the world, and Ganeden partners have already announced multiple international product launches in 2016, with additional products currently in development. Recent announcements include launches in the UK, Greece, Poland and Slovenian exports to India and Russia. Ganeden is also partnering with a top global company for what will be its largest international launch to date.

'At Ganeden, we place an immense amount of value on quality service and pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our partners — both important factors to maintain when expanding our international business,' said Stephen Quinn, International Business Development and Regulatory Manager for Ganeden. 'We understand the importance of face-to-face contact and the recent international product launches have shown the immediate return we receive from our localised approach.'

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