Consumer research shows pandemic's influence on health habits

Published: 22-Jun-2021

According to the research, almost 1 in 3 consumers in Europe have been feeling tired and lacking of energy during the pandemic

The pandemic has shifted consumer views towards their health across the globe. A 5000 participant survey of EU consumers, done on behalf of Beneo, has shown the pursuit of better health during the pandemic will have an influence on the energy product market.

According to the research, almost 1 in 3 consumers in Europe have been feeling tired and lacking of energy during the pandemic. Half of those surveyed said that they have been looking to food and drink products to help them make it through the day. This figure rises even more amongst younger adults (18–34-year-olds), with 8 out of 10 young European consumers seeking energy-boosting products. The demands of parenting during a pandemic have also left their mark, with 7 out of 10 European consumers with children saying they have turned to food and drink to boost their energy levels.

The pandemic has also made people more aware of the fragility of health and the need to look after themselves. More than ever before, consumers are making the link between their diet and their health, with 63% making an increased effort to eat and drink healthier in the future because of the pandemic. Also, staying fit and active and having a balanced diet have been major concerns during the pandemic and 2 in 3 consumers now see a healthy diet as key to controlling their future health.

Many consumers are looking for products like energy drinks with healthier attributes, more natural ingredients or benefits of sustained energy. At the same time, awareness is growing amongst consumers that some types of sugar are healthier than others. Today, 1 in 2 consumers see sugars or carbohydrates that have a lower impact on blood sugar levels as enticing. Additionally, 2 in 3 consumers find Beneo’s Palatinose balanced sugar appealing, according to the survey, because it supports a healthier lifestyle and provides sustained energy.

Myriam Snaet, Head of Market Intelligence and Consumer Insights at Beneo commented: “This survey quantifies the trend we have been seeing played out throughout the pandemic. The safeguarding of mental health and physical energy has now become key to European consumers. This higher interest in health and nutrition also links itself to an increased focus on preventative health, where blood sugar management can play a role. What is particularly interesting about this study is the significant size and diversity of the target group that is more interested in claims relating to balanced blood sugar levels. With such a broad appeal for healthy lifestyles, manufacturers who incorporate the balanced sugar, Palatinose, into their products will be well set to make the most of this trend both today and in a post-pandemic world.”

Palatinose, Beneo’s alternative sugar, is slowly digested and provides full carbohydrate energy but in a sustained manner, the company claims, keeping blood glucose response under control.

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