Cognizin Citicoline launches "Tap Challenge" in the App Store

Published: 9-Aug-2022

The app was inspired by the results of a study that Kyowa Hakko initiated in 2015 using a Finger Tap Test

Kyowa Hakko, makers of Cognizin Citicoline, a branded form of citicoline clinically studied to support mental energy, focus and attention*, has launched the Tap Challenge. The app is available to download in the App Store and is an app that tests how quickly an individual can tap a button in 20 seconds.

It looks simple, but tapping with one finger, even for 20 seconds, is not that easy. Players can practice their tapping skills or face off against friends or the global leaderboard and see if they can reach a high score.

"We are thrilled about the release of the Tap Challenge app," said Karen Todd, VP of Global Brand Marketing at Kyowa Hakko USA. "When we first debuted the test version at SxSW Gaming Expo in 2019, the response was overwhelming. So, we decided to make it available to everyone interested in powering their game."

This all began following the results of a study that Kyowa Hakko initiated in 2015. Using a Finger Tap Test, the results supported improved attentional abilities, psychomotor speed and inhibition in healthy adolescent males when supplementing with Cognizin Citicoline over a 30-day period (McGlade, et al., 2015). The double-blinded study was conducted by neuropsychologists using a variety of tests which simulated cognitive functions and keyboard actions like those exercised in PC video games.

An innovative form of citicoline, a potent brain-health nutrient, and nootropic, Cognizin has been extensively clinically studied to support mental energy, focus, memory, and attention*. Many other cognitive health ingredients only enhance brain performance. Cognizin provides more comprehensive brain health support over time, not only for gamers, but anyone interested in supporting their overall cognitive health*.

Cognizin supports brain health in several ways. First, brain imaging technology has shown that Cognizin helps increase brain energy*. Second, Cognizin provides essential structural components for synthesising brain cell membranes, which may help facilitate brain cell communication. And third, Cognizin helps support the formation of several brain chemicals that regulate cognitive function. Because Cognizin helps make more energy available to brain cells, they are better able to perform their daily tasks. Cells membranes are synthesized and maintained. Vital brain chemicals are produced. Electrical impulses are generated. These activities help improve the overall functioning of the brain.

Powered by Cognizin, C4 Smart Energy is the first partner to be featured on the Tap Challenge app, which is available on iPhone devices today. The download is fast, and players can complete their first game in under a minute!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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