BioCell collagen featured in Duplex Max-Joint Plus for joint support

Published: 3-Jan-2019

BioCell Technology has announced that its flagship healthy ageing ingredient, BioCell Collagen, is featured in a new dietary supplement product distributed by Ascend Life in Singapore, called Duplex MAX-JOINT Plus (MJ+)

Duplex MJ+ easy to swallow capsules are specially formulated with clinically tested BioCell Collagen, which delivers a natural matrix of hydrolysed type II collagen peptides, chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid in combination with a proprietary blend of rose hips, Boswellia serrata 4:1 extract, turmeric root 95% curcuminoids extract and ginger root 5% gingerols extract.

This carefully crafted formula is designed to help support and maintain health joint function.

“We are very excited to have BioCell Collagen featured in this new formulation distributed by Ascend Life in Singapore,” said Suhail Ishaq, President of BioCell Technology.

“Duplex’s MAX-JOINT PLUS finished consumer product showcases the power of BioCell Collagen’s for joint health and promoting an enhanced lifestyle with comfort and mobility.”

"There is increased consumer demand for products containing scientific validated collagen products for joint health, particularly in South East Asia countries."

"BioCell Collagen offers consumers a unique, clinically tested ingredient. We expect Duplex Max-Joint Plus to be a bestselling product for us," said Samuel Ang, Business Development Director, Ascend Life.

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