PIPA and Sonomaceuticals partner to accelerate the commercialisation of WellVine with AI

Published: 12-Apr-2024

The collaboration will allow Sonomaceuticals to determine the best synergistic combinations and potential mechanisms of action to commercialise its proprietary ingredient, WellVine

PIPA, a company specialising in creating intelligence for the nutrition and ingredients sector, has announced its partnership with Sonomaceuticals LLC, creator of WellVine Chardonnay Marc; an upcycled whole food and smart prebiotic to accelerate the functional profile characterisation of the ingredient and prioritise commercialisation opportunities based on AI-recommended synergistic combinations.

Science teams at PIPA and Sonomaceuticals used PIPA’s research and discovery platform LEAP to validate and characterise experimentally identified compounds, decode their impact on gut health, and identify potentially novel mechanisms of action. 

Using AI in this process allowed for significant optimisation, taking less than six months to complete.

LEAP scanned scientific data on a large scale to identify and predict novel health associations for WellVine and recommend hundreds of synergistic combinations with other ingredients for use in good-for-you products across seven categories including synbiotics and herbal formulations.

Eric Hamborg, PIPA’s Chief Commercial Officer said: “Sonomaceuticals are demonstrating how embedding AI into Ingredient R&D unlocks an evidence-based, cost-effective and scalable approach to product innovation. This approach reduces risk and accelerates commercialization, positioning.”


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