GOED’s launches programme to acknowledge high accuracy in quantifying EPA and DHA in omega-3 oils

Published: 30-Apr-2024

The organisation's Special Achievement Programme will acknowledge laboratories that accurately quantify EPA and DHA levels in omega-3 ingredients and supplements

The Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) has launched a Special Achievement Programme designed to acknowledge the third-party laboratories with exceptional accuracy in quantifying EPA and DHA levels in omega-3 ingredient oils and supplement products.

Laboratories that have participated in the AOCS-GOED Nutraceutical Oil Laboratory Proficiency Programme are welcome to apply to the programme by submitting their latest results. 

The title of ‘Special Achievement’ will be given to qualifying laboratories for a one-year term. During this period, GOED will actively promote these laboratories to its members and the public.

Additionally, GOED will prioritise referring these laboratories to companies seeking testing facilities for the quantification of EPA and DHA.

The Special Achievement Programme represents GOED’s ongoing commitment to quality and enhancing consumer confidence in omega-3 products. The aim of the initiative is to assist more third-party laboratories in achieving higher accuracy in EPA and DHA quantification, while also rewarding them for their endeavours. 



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