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Branched-chain amino acids found to regulate the development and progression of cancer

Researchers from A*STAR's SBIC have discovered how changes in BCAA metabolism influence the development and progression of tumours and pave the way...

Stamp of approval for algae-based synthetic biology

The 4-year, EU-funded TriForC (Triterpene’s For Commercialisation) project has come to a close, resulting in the publication of the most extensive...

EFSA confirms health concerns for hydroxyanthracene derivatives in food

According to EFSA some substances belonging to a group of plant ingredients known as hydroxyanthracene derivatives can damage DNA and may cause cancer

Plasticell and Pierre Fabre agree to identify natural stimulants of brown fat to treat and prevent obesity and diabetes

Plasticell will screen Pierre Fabre's plant collection with the aim of developing plant-based products as functional foods or nutraceuticals

Biostem Technologies buys new laboratory and headquarters

The facility is scheduled to be open by March 2016