Partnership develops natural biocontrol products from microalgae

Published: 8-Sep-2023

Algalíf and ImmunRise have entered into formal discussions with the aim to construct a large-scale microalgae industry centre

Biotechnology companies, Algalíf Iceland and ImmunRise Biocontrol France have entered into formal discussions regarding a long-term strategic partnership for the development of a large-scale microalgae industrial centre that will be the essential component for the development of new types of biocontrol solutions from microalgae for various sectors of the agriculture industry. 

Biocontrol is the use of living organisms, such as insects or pathogens, to control pest populations. For example, the destruction of the citrophilus mealybug in California by two parasitic species of chalcid wasps imported from Australia, Coccophagus gurneyi and Tetracnemus pretiosus.

Starting the 1 September 2023, and along with the successful bid for EUREKA Eurostars 3 - Call 4 for their project SEEDS OF LAVA (SOLA), both companies will aim to extend their innovative development by complementing their current strengths. 

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The strategic partnership will establish a strong base for the development of new natural biocontrol products dedicated for plant protection in the agriculture market. The global biocontrol market turnover is valued at USD $6.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD $13.7 billion by 2027.

Algalíf is a producer of natural Astaxanthin and is currently commissioning their new state-of-the-art microalgae plant in Reykjanesbaer – Iceland. With access to renewable geothermal energy and abundance of naturally filtered water, Algalif is in a unique position to realise the potential that large volume microalgae cultivation holds.

ImmunRise is a startup specialised in developing biocontrol products from marine microorganisms and is in the process of submittal for regulatory approval of their first bio-fungicide made from marine microalgae. Considering the European and the USA agriculture market size and objectives to integrate new natural biocontrol products, ImmunRise strives to grow a multi-million-euro business shortly after regulatory approvals are granted.

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