biomega appoints new quality manager for Hirtshals Denmark biorefinery

Susanne Stenskrog has 30 years of experience in quality management and will take the new role at biomega for its soon to be opened biorefinery

International biotechnology company biomega has appointed a new quality manager named Susanne Stenskrog for its Hirtshals biorefinery in Denmark.

The announcement comes prior to the biorefinery's official opening in late summer, which will soon begin production for its recently launched human nutrition line, biomega SalMe peptides.

Stenskrog joins biomega from Danish Crown Foods as an experienced quality manager, working with some of the Nordic region's biggest brands, including Tulip, Mou, Steff Houlberg and GØL. Here she was responsible for the maintenance and implementation of quality management systems and ecology accreditations.

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Speaking about the announcement, biomega's Director of Global Quality, Ingrid Tyssen Bruu, said: "It is with great delight that we welcome Susanne to biomega. Her appointment is one of several new positions at our newly built Hirtshals biorefinery as we accelerate ingredient production for human nutrition applications.

She continued: "Susanne's exemplary career and experience in food and beverage quality management will set the standard at the new factory, ensuring our products not only meet national legislative requirements, but are of the highest quality to meet customer demands and expectations."

Stenskrog herself said: "Working at a brand-new factory offers plenty of fresh, exciting and challenging opportunities, particularly when starting from scratch with a quality management system that propels the business forward with momentum. I am excited to put my stamp on this process and grow professionally with the biomega team."

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