Qualitas joins the US-China Health Products Association


Qualitas to support the association’s mission of working toward the continued development of China’s natural health product industry

Qualitas Health, developers of high-value vegetarian food supplements and pharmaceutical ingredients based on microalgae, has announced that they have joined the US-China Health Products Association (USCHPA) to support the association’s mission of working toward the continued development of China’s natural health product industry.

Qualitas Health and USCHPA are both committed to increasing the availability of information, products and services to benefit the health of China’s large consumer population. Qualitas Health is expanding its marketing efforts in China to bring more awareness to the important health benefits of its environmentally sustainable and scalable sources of omega-3s to both industry and consumers in the country.

Qualitas Health produces Almega PL, a premium omega-3 ingredient that has a polar-lipid structure, is vegetarian, sustainable and EPA-rich. The company is expanding opportunities for product manufacturers to formulate with Almega PL for the Chinese market.

'We are excited to join the USCHPA and look forward to building a lasting presence in China,' said David Hart, VP of marketing at Qualitas Health. 'The USCHPA provides a great platform to navigate the specifics of the Chinese health supplement market. Given its large and aging population, the health benefits and scalable production of Almega PL are a perfect fit for the Chinese market.'

Sourced from Nannochloropsis oculata, a non-GMO strain of microalgae selected for its high level of EPA omega-3, Almega PL contains omega-3 fatty acids with phospholipids and glycolipids that provide superior digestibility and incorporation into tissues and membranes. This has been demonstrated by results of published clinical studies comparing omega-3 uptake of Almega PL with krill oil.

Sustainably produced, using natural sunlight, brackish water, non-arable land and low-energy processes, Almega PL originates from a farmed microalgae source of omega-3 that does not exploit the fragile marine ecosystem.

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'USCHPA is pleased to welcome Qualitas Health as the association’s latest member,' said Jeff Crowther, executive director, USCHPA. 'Their devotion to cutting edge science and creating innovative, efficacious products is a perfect fit for USCHPA. Together with the association’s other global members, Qualitas’ products and industry experience will help fuel the further development and expansion of China’s dietary supplement and overall nutrition industry.'