Nexira to demonstrate Thixogum G stabiliser at FI Europe


The company will also demonstrate the two ingredients in its inavea range, Baobab Acacia and Pure Acacia

Nexira to demonstrate Thixogum G stabiliser at FI Europe

At the upcoming FI Europe Connect, Nexira will showcase its products, including Thixogum G, a natural stabiliser for plant-based drinks.

It will also demonstrate the two ingredients in its inavea range, which aims for carbon neutrality. Baobab Acacia is an organic synergistic formulation of Baobab and Acacia, functioning as a prebiotic to regulate microflora and support gut health.

Pure Acacia, on the other hand, offers high digestive tolerance with prebiotic properties for nutritional foods & beverages and a sustainable commitment, the company says.

Thixogum G comprises an emulsifier in acacia gum and a natural stabiliser in gellan. Encapsulating the gellan gum with acacia gum reportedly makes the stabiliser easier to dose, disperse and solubilise than gellan gum alone. Its also colourless and tasteless.

Plant-based drink formulations can be challenging due to the need to emulsify and stabilise fat, suspend insoluble particles such as pulp, minerals, proteins, and build texture. Nexira claims Thixogum G can stabilise insoluble ingredients with minimal impact to viscosity.

It can be used in beverages made up of insoluble compounds to suspend particles such as in fruit juices to maintain a homogenous suspension of fruit pulp.

The Baobab Acacia from Nexira’s inavea range has demonstrated complementarity & significant prebiotic activities with a full spectrum fermentation, the company says. A study showed it contributed to the promotion of beneficial bacteria, including the Bifidobacterium spp., and specific bacteria families such as Akkermansiaceae and Christensenellaceae. The ingredient has also been certified FODMAP friendly.

The second ingredient in the inavea range, Pure Acacia, is a GMO-free prebiotic ingredient sourced from selected acacia trees. The prebiotic effect of acacia fibre has been demonstrated in more than 40 studies, Nexira says, and the company says Pure Acacia demonstrates a strong prebiotic effect at 10 g/day.

The company’s latest study, using the SHIME model, has demonstrated an increase of microbiota diversity owing to prebiotic acacia intake.

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Previous studies have demonstrated that the ingredient helps to restore the gut barrier.