M&H Plastics produces bespoke packaging for Nasaleze

Published: 4-Aug-2014

Designs a special spray nozzle to keep out moisture upon application

M&H Plastics, part of the UK plastic packaging group RPC, produced bespoke packaging for the Nasaleze hayfever and allergy prevention spray, which required a specially designed nozzle to stop moisture from re-entering the bottle upon application.

The Nasaleze spray has been developed using natural products to counter the effects of airborne allergens.

M&H Plastics produced a bespoke bottle and cap mould and the resultant packaging has been widely accepted by retail pharmacists and supermarkets across the UK with the company now producing in excess of one million bottles each year. The packaging for this product range has also been extended into solutions for cold control and travel illness protection and relief.

Simon Bottomley, Technical Director of Nasaleze, said M&H was able to take the company's brief and provide packaging at the right price and quality.

'The company's helpfulness and flexibility enabled us to use our patented nozzle to best effect, delivering the 200th dose as accurately as the first,' he said.

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