Lycored supports GoPro Mountain Games


As part of its #rethinkbeautiful campaign, the company is encouraging people to write anonymous notes of support to athletes taking part in the games

Lycored is Official Skin Health Sponsor of the GoPro Mountain Games, a festival of mountain and adventure sports, art and music which takes place this week (June 10-13, 2021) in Vail, Colorado.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, some traditional spectator events, including the Climbing World Cup, are missing from this year’s games. However, a Lycored initiative will allow sports fans to express support. As part of its #rethinkbeautiful campaign, the company is encouraging people to write anonymous notes of support to athletes taking part in the games.

Visitors will be able to paint words of encouragement onto rocks, which will be used to create an art installation at the event. Anyone in the world can use Lycored’s #rethinkbeautiful landing page to create their own notes, which will be printed and placed in athletes’ bags.

Olympic snowboarder Louis Vito is among the athletes to have shared the request for messages of support with their social networks.

Corey Reed, Lycored Adventure Athlete Ambassador, founder of Mountain Wellness, and a former participant in the games, said: “Athletes from across the world are super-excited for the return of the GoPro Mountain Games, especially after not being able to compete in-person last year. I know how much they’ll appreciate these messages. The words of love, kindness, encouragement and inspiration from complete strangers will fuel them from the inside out.”

Zev Ziegler, VP of Brand & Marketing at Lycored, said: “There are some much missed events at this year’s event, and we wanted to do something to fill the void. A wide range of heroes make these Games possible – not just the athletes, but also first responders, adventurers, artists, musicians and volunteers. Our goal was to lift their spirits and help remind them how strong and beautiful they are inside, how much they inspire people, and most importantly how much fun this all is.”

The campaign follows similar Lycored initiatives during previous lockdowns. In April 2020, it encouraged nutrition industry professionals to write notes of encouragement to seniors and homeless people.

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Lycored will also be using the games to spread a message about the importance of the “building rocks of lasting nutrition”, it says, including the role of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a balanced and active lifestyle.