Indena releases 10th episode of Phytocast

Published: 25-Nov-2021

The latest episode, ‘Product Innovation’ is dedicated entirely to the 2000s

Indena has released the 10th episode of its Phytocast podcast, a series which celebrates the company’s centennial anniversary by tracking its historical heritage from inception to current day.

The latest episode, ‘Product Innovation’ is dedicated entirely to the 2000s.

The company said: “It’s a “short” decade of highly complex phenomena, requiring a new level of awareness for the environment. Indena consolidates its identity, inspired by biomimicry: it has always observed plants to find new solutions that can serve human health. By emulating natural biological systems, the company’s bright minds design Phytosome – to optimise the bioabsorption of natural compounds without altering their structure, without chemical derivatives, purely enhancing their beneficial powers.

“The plant that symbolises these years is Turmeric, which contains curcumin: an active ingredient with great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but also extremely low absorption rates. Based on the Phytosome system, Indena launches Meriva: a product able to offer proven superior effectiveness compared to turmeric extract as is, with a wide variety of applications. Phytosome thus becomes a revolutionary success for third-millennium phytotherapy.”

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