Fruit d’Or introduces cranberry powders for softgels


The product launches follow a statement from the FDA that products containing 500 mg may now use a health claim for reduced risk of UTIs

Fruit d’Or introduces cranberry powders for softgels

Fruit d’Or, a supplier of organic cranberries, has launched two standardised whole fruit cranberry powders designed for use in softgels and gummies, Pro Cran d’Or and Pro Cran Naturelle 80-mesh.

Per a ruling from the FDA, products containing a daily serving of 500 mg whole fruit cranberry may now include a qualified health claim for reduced risk of urinary tract infections on their labels and in their marketing materials.

“The FDA ruling does not include cranberry powders made with juice concentrate. It specifies only whole fruit cranberry,” said Lead Consultant Stephen Lukawski. “Fruit d’Or could be the first-ever supplier to offer standardised whole fruit cranberry powder 80-mesh particle size, opening doors for new products and line extensions based on the FDA ruling.

“The 80-mesh particle size enables Fruit d’Or whole fruit cranberry powder to be used in softgels without concerns about leakage caused by fibres,” said Lukawski. “We now offer 40-, 60- and 80-mesh which opens opportunities to multiple delivery systems. As always, soluble and insoluble PACs are consistently analysed to maintain our quality guarantee.”

Softgels and gummies are a good alternative to capsules or tablets. “Being able to put 500 mg of whole fruit cranberry into softgels or gummies opens the doors for numerous women’s health formulas which, until now, haven’t been able to take advantage of the FDA health claim using their existing softgel formats. They can now switch from unstandardised cranberry juice powders to whole fruit cranberry powder without having to change their delivery vehicle,” said Jean Leclerc, director of Sales and Business Development for Fruit d’Or.

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The powders can also be blended with other health ingredients and are water- and oil-soluble. In addition to softgels and gummies, 80-mesh whole fruit cranberry powder has applications in smoothies, nutritional bars and dairy products as well as cosmetics, due to the finer milling process.