Coriander seed oil: Beauty-from-within tackling sensitive skin


Recent scientific evidence supports its effectiveness as a beauty-from-within supplement

Coriander seeds have been used traditionally for centuries both as a spice, and to support health and wellness. Possible uses of coriander seed oil include skin health. Recent scientific evidence supports its effectiveness as a beauty-from-within supplement for sensitive skin.

The demand for products with sensitive skin claims increased as we experienced a global pandemic. Masks wearing, hand washing and sanitising along with increased anxiety led to many people experiencing skin redness, irritation and other sensitive skin issues.

Increasing requests for proven, efficacious, natural and non-irritating ingredients for sensitive skin care presents tremendous opportunities for brands that want to address these needs.

Coriander seed oil is known for its antioxidant properties as well as its beneficial action on the inflammation response. It is rich in petroselinic acid – a fatty acid that has been shown to effectively support healthy inflammation response.

One study evaluated the use of a proprietary extract of coriander seed (as Sepibliss). The study was conducted on female subjects with sensitive and reactive skin for a period of 56 days.

The study demonstrated that the ingredient has significant protective effects against the reactions that sensitive skin is prone to including redness, stinging and itching sensations. The coriander seed extract was found to be effective at a dose of 200 mg/day, after only one month of treatment.

Coriander seed oil is highly effective as a standalone ingredient in products designed to soothe and help reduce the reactions of sensitive skins.

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It also serves very well as a supporting ingredient in anti-aging, hydrating, glowing or UV formulas that are specially targeted to be gentle and supportive for sensitive skin.