California Prune Board teams up with athletes for bone health

Published: 1-Feb-2021

The ambassadors are sharing training, nutrition and workout tips via the Board’s website

The California Prune Board has partnered with Canadian athletes as part of its Team Up campaign to highlight the role good nutrition and exercise can play in bone health.

The Board is working with sports figures including paralympic athlete Ben Brown, canoeist Haley Daniels, Canada’s national women’s softball team and others, some of whom are in training for the upcoming Olympics. The ambassadors have been sharing training, nutrition and workout tips via the Board’s website.

Esther Ritson-Elliott, Director of International Marketing and Communications for the California Prune Board says: “As bones are the foundation for lifelong vitality, we’ve joined forces with some of the most well-respected Canadian athletes to inspire the athlete in everyone, and get people thinking about their skeletal health.

“Strong bones can be maintained with help from a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and a balanced diet of foods containing nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K.”

Prunes are high in vitamin K and are a source of manganese, both of which support the maintenance of healthy bones. It has been supporting research into the health benefits of prunes for decades, with studies reportedly showing the effects prunes may exert on bone mineral density.

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