Bühler hosts second sustainability-focused virtual event


The event is open to the public and will open its digital doors from March 22-26

Bühler hosts second sustainability-focused virtual event

Bühler is holding its second Virtual World event for inviting food, feed, and mobility companies. “Even in these challenging times, we see multifold opportunities for our customers,” said Stefan Scheiber, CEO at Bühler. “The food, feed, and mobility industries have never been more dynamic, embracing new, more sustainable and at the same time more economical products and solutions.” At the event, Bühler is featuring 25 areas with technologies designed to help companies improve competitiveness and profitability, and become more sustainable. “By multiplying digital connectivity and services and our new range of innovations, we can help cater to market demands and balance the demands of economy, humanity, and nature,” said Ian Roberts, CTO at Bühler.

The platform integrates 3D visualisations of solutions and technologies, and a virtual event with keynotes and a conference zone with breakout rooms for presentations as well as individual online meetings.

Bühler will demonstrate its technology for the development of meat alternatives, including its PolyCool 1000 cooling die for alternative protein. In combination with an extruder, the company says, it’s possible to produce wet-textured proteins based on a range of raw materials including soy, pulses, oilseeds, upcycled side streams such as brewer spent grains, as well as more novel ingredients such as microalgae.

For chocolate customers, the company will show its ChocoX modular moulding line. The technology is designed to offer flexibility for fast adaptations of various chocolate products.

For small- to medium-sized beer and malt producers as well as beer startups, the company is introducing RimoMalt, a concept for modular malt production. Customers can create craft malting solutions and quickly respond to changing demands with varieties of locally produced beers. The technology is modularly extendable, and the preassembled modules can be quickly installed.

The company will speak about increasing demand for low-emission coffee production plants. It has developed a low-emission coffee plant with Norwegian coffee producer Joh. Johannson Kaffe. The coffee roasting production line, which is already up and running, reportedly saves 85% in CO2 compared to their old factory.

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The event will also offer advice on service portfolios, strategic partnerships and long COVID-19. Stefan Scheiber emphasizes: "What we present here together with our customers has proven effective and is already saving resources. We can scale these solutions very swiftly together with our partners. By doing so, we combine the sustainability aspect with economic profits."