Lab Innovations 2013: A packed show for the nutraceutical sector

Published: 19-Aug-2013

Lab Innovations, which returns to the NEC (Birmingham, UK) on 6–7 November 2013, is the UK’s only event dedicated to laboratory equipment, technology and services

Lab Innovations is the UK’s only event dedicated to laboratory equipment, technology and services. The show, which returns to the NEC (Birmingham, UK) on 6–7 November 2013, has big name exhibitors, a top-flight conference and roundtable discussion organised by The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and practical industry seminars courtesy of Campden BRI. This packed programme means there will be plenty for lab professionals working in the nutraceuticals industry to check out. Here’s a flavour of what will be in store when the show opens its doors in November.

Campden BRI Theatre

Campden BRI is running a special theatre at the show dedicated to the latest tests and technologies available. This theatre will include a session on a new test for E. coli. Many strains of E. coli are difficult to detect using traditional methods, and outbreaks are becoming more frequent, evidenced by the recent outbreak of E. coli 0104 in Germany that resulted in around 4,000 cases with unusually high morbidity and mortality. To help combat this critical issue, a talk by Lab M will outline how a new immunomagnetic separation may aid with the detection of non-0157 STEC E. coli.

Colour is another topic addressed within the Campden BRI theatre. Defining the colour of a product and ensuring colour accuracy every time is critical to the long-term success of a drinks business. Obviously, we all know what colour is and are all experts in its definition. However, the human visual system is very imprecise when it comes to both judging and defining the colour of objects. In a talk by Tintometer on colour measurement, these human shortcomings will be discussed and the importance of colour’s accuracy in the functional food and drink industry will be explored. The various colour scales currently in use will be examined before a new approach to colour assessment, which could help manufacturers to save time and reduce product waste, is examined.

Campden BRI, the UK’s largest independent food and drink research body, will also conduct its own practical workshops and demonstrations, including a wine tasting workshop where attendees can learn what influences our sense of taste. Dr Leighton Jones, Head of Corporate Communications at Campden BRI, says: “We have worked hard to put together a programme that everyone in the sector can benefit from and enjoy. Whether lab professionals are looking to improve product quality, monitor processes, environmental performance or maintain food hygiene, these talks will equip visitors with the very latest practical information and insights, which they can immediately implement in their businesses.”

High profile names

At the show, there will also be a special panel debate organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). This will see some of the UK’s most high profile scientists debate a critical issue of the day. There will also be a full RSC conference programme featuring renowned speakers and sessions. The sessions each day will kick off with keynote addresses; these are being given by two of the biggest names in science — world-renowned fertility expert Lord Professor Robert Winston, and Professor Andrea Sella, whose chemistry demonstrations have filled theatres around the world.


Alongside the Campden BRI and RSC programmes, Lab Innovations will feature a UKAS Pavilion, presenting the services of the UK’s leading contract laboratories who will be joining more than 100 companies exhibiting at the show. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) are important diagnostic parameters for the determination of water quality in both influx water and waste streams in drinks businesses. The standard BOD test requires five days to complete, and is therefore unable to provide continuous monitoring of organic load. COD is therefore often used for BOD prescreening.

Among the exhibitors will be Camlab, which will showcase its PeCOD system for COD analysis and its application in the soft drinks industry. The PeCOD method is a new technology that uses photoactive TiO2 nanomaterials that directly measure the amount of oxidisable material in a sample. Unlike the standard dichromate method, the new PeCOD method is fast (5–10 minutes per sample) and it eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals, which helps to ensure the safety of laboratory staff, reduces disposal costs and helps companies to meet green initiatives.

The PeCOD method for COD analysis is well suited to the soft drink industry as the fast results obtained help to provide information important for process monitoring and control. Constant COD monitoring of wastewater can protect production plants by ensuring acceptable COD discharge levels and by detecting product leakage. It also can be used for quality control purposes to monitor sugar content.

Also at the event Bibby Scientific will demonstrate its Techne Prime Thermal Cycler, used to test for animal DNA contamination in food.

The Techne Prime Thermal Cycler from Bibby Scientific

The Techne Prime Thermal Cycler from Bibby Scientific

TMS Europe, who will be exhibiting in the Lab Innovations UKAS Pavilion, will focus on its range of laboratory ovens and furnaces, which it can supply UKAS calibrated. These are used within a mix of industries including pharmaceutical and healthcare.

Autoscribe Informatics will be showcasing its latest software database systems. These include Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Quality Management Systems, which are used by leading laboratories worldwide to manage the flow of work through any kind of laboratory or similar environment.

Boost Labcare is exhibiting a number of its very latest innovations including the IUL Eddy Jet 2; this is ideal for spiral inoculation and has a unique, patented, disposable, high accuracy microsyringe to completely avoid cross-contamination. The company’s IUL Flash & Go allows differentiation of colonies and can count all kinds of colonies in different types of media. Although it is easy to use, Dosipump provides versatility to undertake any application requiring fast, reproducible and precise dispensing of liquids. The Dosipump comes with a 10-roller pump head that eliminates pulsation effects that are prevalent with many conventional peristaltic pumps.

YSI’s stand will feature its new 2900 Series biochemistry analyser. This has some key applications for the beverage industry as it measures glutamate, ethanol, sucrose, lactose and choline. For instance, it can be used to measure lactate and ethanol as an indicator of spoilage in tomato-based juices. The 2900 provides accurate results in one minute or less. It is modular in design and configurable with up to three sensor modules. It has anticlogging mechanisms and flexible sampling, including 96 well plates.

The 2900 Series biochemistry analyser measures glutamate, ethanol, sucrose, lactose and choline

The 2900 Series biochemistry analyser measures glutamate, ethanol, sucrose, lactose and choline

British-based designer and manufacturer Nickel Electro will be focusing on its popular Clifton range of unstirred and stirred water baths plus its extensive range of ultrasonic baths, centrifuges, hotplates, mixers ovens and incubators. The company also produces laboratory metalware, including spatulas, tongs, crucibles and retort stands.

The Hudson Packaging stand will feature a range of aluminum packaging products ranging from 5 mL to 25 L. These are widely used to pack beverages and are made from 99.5% pure aluminum.

Terrington Data Management will be outlining how its data and document management solutions are now available via the cloud as ‘software as a service.’ Visitors will be able to learn more about the advantages of this new opportunity over the conventional licence fee approach. The company will also showcase its software that provides a complete solution for recording and managing data and documents in the lab. It improves workflow via a user interface that is comparable with current paper worksheets, and is also designed to support the analyst’s daily workflow. Furthermore, reagents, equipment and their associated documents and procedures can also be stored within this software providing a comprehensive and fully searchable audit trail.

Lions roar again

Last year’s hugely successful Lions’ Lair will also make a return. This will see exhibitors pitch their latest product against the clock and in front of a panel of experts and a live audience, with a winner announced live on the show floor.

“The support and involvement we’ve received from both prestigious organisations such as Campden BRI and high profile scientists, vividly illustrates the important role the show is playing in the UK beverage market. With so much tremendous content, Lab Innovations 2014 will undoubtedly be the place for those working in the sector to network, gain knowledge and improve their lab operations,” says Jake Morrison, Lab Innovations Event Manager.

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