Balchem expands VitaCholine production capacity

Published: 12-Dec-2023

Balchem is pleased to announce the expansion in production capacity in the US of VitaCholine, its brand of human choline

The upgrade will increase output by 50% and will allow the company to better meet the increasing demand for this essential nutrient, well known in the supplement industry in relation to cognitive health and performance.

Frédéric Boned, Senior VP & General Manager, Human Nutrition & Health at Balchem, shared his excitement about this new achievement: “We’re enthusiastic about the successful expansion of our VitaCholine manufacturing capacity."

"This milestone demonstrates our commitment to providing an expanded supply of quality human choline to help our partners’ global growth in early childhood nutrition, dietary supplements and food & beverage applications.” 

Boasting numerous quality certifications, VitaCholine is the gold standard in choline salts and provides the highest levels of choline of any product form — effectively helping with the dosage challenges associated with most supplement formulations.

Expanding production capacity 

The capacity expansion was completed in August 2023 and is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year. Reflecting Balchem's ongoing dedication to innovation, excellence and customer service, as well as its established leadership in the production of choline, the main highlights of the project include the following.

  • Increased production capacity: Choline production capacity has increased by approximately 50% thanks to the extension of the facility by almost 2230 sqm to accommodate state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.
  • Enhanced technology and quality: The investment included a significant upgrade in technology, such as new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, alongside packaging automation to ensure better environmental conditions. The new installations will also result in improved air quality and process consistency to optimise the regulation of heat and humidity, for higher-quality solutions. 
  • Environmental and sustainability commitment: As part of its sustainability goals and commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, the company has implemented energy efficient systems and initiatives to reduce water and waste.  
  • Safety: By eliminating manual handling and switching to automated packaging processes, the newly expanded facility boasts enhanced safety in the work environment. 

Speaking further on this important expansion, Mr Boned also said, “We are actively expanding our global footprint so we can support customers by providing quality ingredients in all markets."

"This expansion bolsters our US supply chain and, when combined with our Italian VitaCholine site and the Norwegian K2VITAL site, positions us well for future growth. Our international presence, combined with the synergies among our integrated branded ingredients, enables us to offer formulators a scientific advantage in strategic health areas, unlocking new opportunities.”

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