Probi presents new probiotic concept within cognitive health

Published: 3-Oct-2023

Probi is set to present its new probiotic concept Probi Sensia at SSW, a new product that supports improved cognition by boosting learning and working memory as well as improved mood and sleep

Probi Sensia is a new probiotic concept by Probi based on clinical and scientific data that supports improved cognition by boosting learning and working memory as well as improved mood and sleep.

Mental health supplements have emerged as the fastest-growing benefit within the global dietary supplements market. Over five years (2017-2021), we’ve seen a 30% growth in probiotic launches positioned within Brain-Mood Health, showing how psychobiotics is a fast-rising niche. 

Within the scientific community, the connection between gut and neurocognitive functions has been a major research topic during the last couple of years. Stress, anxiety and depression-like symptoms were the first to be addressed, but today there are more and more research being carried out in healthy individuals, as the focus has shifted towards finding solutions to the “everyday” issues that many of us struggle with – poor sleep quality, moody-behavior and issues with cognitive functions such as memory and focus. 

These cognitive functions like mood and sleep are important in enhancing people´s overall mental health. The new probiotic solution will be available to meet diverse consumer needs, supported by global health-related claims and customisable with local support. Furthermore, it can be combined with selected vitamins, minerals or other ingredients, and is ideal for dietary supplement formats like capsules, stick packs and functional foods such as beverages and powder products.

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Probi Sensia is based on the well-documented probiotic strain Lactiplantibacillus plantarum HEAL9 (HEAL9). Three clinical studies and totally five scientific articles have repeatably showed that intake of HEAL9 affects the so-called gut-brain axis in a positive way.

The clinical endpoints include decreased cortisol and stress-induced inflammation in chronically stressed but otherwise healthy students, as well as decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety. In the latest publication healthy individuals with moderate stress were evaluated. Improved memory and cognitive function, improved sleep quality and decreased daytime dysfunction, as well as improved mood was found after intake of the HEAL9™ strain.

“We are proud to launch our new concept Probi Sensia, based on a strong clinically proven effect, which optimises and maintains important cognitive functions such as memory as well as mood, sleep and stress. With Probi Sensia we now offer a wide-ranging solution to help our customers to meet diverse consumer needs from a health-related perspective with a broad usage from dietary supplements to functional foods and beverages. We are looking forward to meet up at SupplySide West to show the advantages of our latest innovation," said Anita Johansen, CEO of Probi.

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