Webber Naturals upgrades its website


Aims to inform and educate visitors on vitamins, supplements and health and wellbeing issues

Webber Naturals has launched a new and improved version of its website, webbernaturals.com.

The site aims to inform and educate visitors on important topics including vitamins and supplements, recent news, and health and wellness issues. It has a fresh, bold look combined with a completely responsive design, which means that navigating and finding appealing content is just a click, tap or swipe away from any device.

‘It's all about access,’ says Don Bird, Senior Executive VP, Sales and Marketing for WN Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Webber Naturals nutritional supplements.

‘If you can't find what you want with your phone or other device, then it's just not convenient. Our new website, gives 24/7 convenience to our customers and anyone who cares about their health.’

The site also offers a ‘you-may-also-like’ reference on product pages in which Webber Naturals experts have handpicked each selection to offer visitors a more personalised, interactive experience.

The new ‘frequently asked questions’ section is now searchable, allowing visitors to filter out content they do not want to see.

The new website is also fully integrated with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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‘We've been sharing useful health information with consumers for a long time, but it's a digital world and people check things out online to make their buying decisions,’ added Bird. ‘We invite smart phone and tablet users, as well as everyone else, to check it out.’