Twenty second study published on the probiotic GanedenBC(30)


Study shows pasta to be an effective delivery system for the patented probiotic

Ganeden, the recognised innovator in probiotics, is excited to announce the 22nd study on the patented probiotic GanedenBC30 is now published in the Journal of Cereal Science.

Research confirms GanedenBC30 survives in efficacious amounts during the manufacturing and preparation of pasta.

The study, conducted by the University of Verona, developed pasta formulated with GanedenBC30 to analyse and highlight the health potential of a functional pasta. Results of the research, completed by using standard USP enumeration protocols, illustrated GanedenBC30 left the characteristics of the pasta unaffected and displayed survival in efficacious levels at both five and seven minute cooking times.

'This study is exciting, as it shows the distinctive formulation capabilities of GanedenBC30 in an additional product category that would be impossible for traditional probiotics,' said Mike Bush, Senior VP of Ganeden.

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'This research not only continues to build on our library of science supporting GanedenBC30; but, as a science-driven company, we are honoured that the Italian Ministry of Health continues to choose GanedenBC30 for their studies — a collaboration which dates back to 2007,' he added.