Trace minerals: the essential micronutrients you may be missing


From metabolism and immune system regulation to proper growth and development, trace minerals play a crucial role by supporting a wide range of bodily functions. They also help to activate, regulate and absorb macrominerals and other vitamins, reports Darrin Starkey, Vice President of Education and Training at Trace Minerals

Trace minerals: the essential micronutrients you may be missing

Trace minerals, often referred to as micronutrients, are an essential group of minerals that the human body requires in smaller amounts than macrominerals such as iron, calcium and potassium.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to discuss what trace minerals are and why we need them. In reality, however, they’re mostly absent from our foods, water and even many multivitamins, so it’s critical to find ways to consume them.

In fact, about 90% of Americans are deficient in trace minerals owing to mineral depletion in soil and crops and the filtering of water. Unfortunately, this deficiency affects just about every part of our well-being.

Most people know little to nothing about these minerals; as such, it’s important to educate ourselves and get started on the road to proper supplementation. If we’re not making an active effort to consume trace minerals, it’s like playing Russian Roulette with our health … and we can’t afford that gamble. So, where do we begin?

Overlooking trace minerals 
Many of us are already aware of macrominerals and what it means to be deficient in them. If you’re low on iron, you’re anaemic. If you’re low on calcium, your bones are weak. Meanwhile, potentially harmful deficiencies in trace minerals often go unnoticed.

Trace minerals: the essential micronutrients you may be missing

For example, a fascinating mineral that’s regularly overlooked is boron. Along with better-known minerals such as magnesium and calcium, boron comprises part of the bone density matrix.

We can take all the magnesium and calcium supplements we want, but we must ingest specific amounts of boron to properly balance our bone complex. 

Creating habits to establish a healthier you
As a society, we’re often too reactive with our health. In many cases, we don’t respond to our bodies until we’re in a physical crisis that brings us pain or discomfort. I highly encourage people to be more proactive — whether it’s the food you eat, the supplements you take or the daily habits you live by. 

I recognise that it's easier said than done, so how do we make this a reality? Although embarking on a new health journey can feel overwhelming at first, small steps can make all the difference.

When it comes to diet, I try my best to shop at the “outer edges” of the grocery store because that’s where the live food is.

In our busy day and age, many of us want to get the biggest bang for our buck; we often choose food that will last the longest for the least amount of money. Unfortunately, that’s not how our health works.

We should be eating foods such as fruits and vegetables that will nourish our bodies.

In terms of supplements, our mission at Trace Minerals is to remineralise the world. We want to help everyone to achieve and maintain the ideal levels of trace minerals that are just right for them — because we know the profound impact it can have on our ability to live better every single day. In my decades of work with Trace Minerals, this has been at the forefront of everything we do.

Remineralising our water is a key component of our health. Products such as ConcenTrace Mineral Drops are a simple and impactful way to do this. We often choose waters that have had contaminants removed.

But, along with the contaminants, they also often remove minerals and trace minerals. These important minerals possess unique benefits that help us maintain proper fluid balance and aid in digestion, nerve function, blood pressure and more.

Creating a daily ritual, such as adding ConcenTrace to your morning glass of water or orange juice, helps to create a healthy habit that can easily become a mindless part of your routine. 

Addressing common health concerns 
Seventy five per cent of our society is chronically dehydrated; that should be an immediate red flag to all of us. Trace minerals are key to addressing this. Water is the catalyst, but it’s the minerals within that water that deliver balance to our cells to ensure proper hydration.

Additionally, many people experience headaches. Whether it’s an extreme migraine or a cluster headache, trace minerals provide balance to the brain’s dura to help combat headaches of any kind.

Trace minerals: the essential micronutrients you may be missing

Lastly, twitches, spasms and cramps are impacted by trace minerals. Night cramps can destroy people’s sleep — and we all know how important quality sleep is to our overall well-being. Trace minerals can help to subside this issue, allowing for a better night’s sleep and improved health outcomes.

Even though magnesium is a macromineral found in ConcenTrace, it’s the full spectrum of trace minerals in the product that work together synergistically to provide balance and relief to tight achy muscles. 

The road ahead
Since joining the Trace Minerals team decades ago, my vision has grown to be something so much more powerful than I ever imagined. What started as an interesting job turned into a true passion to help people remineralise their bodies.

Throughout the years, I’ve seen the life-changing impact our products have had on me, my loved ones and our customers. 

At the end of the day, we are our own greatest health advocates; we know ourselves better than anyone else.

I encourage everyone to look in the mirror and ask themselves: “What does my body need to function at its best?” From there, we can all make a concerted daily effort to supply ourselves with the proper nutrients needed to live a long, full and healthy life.