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Vitamin K2 has been proven to support bone and heart health. After more than 20 published human clinical trials (where MenaQ7® was the source material), it is now embraced as an essential foundational nutrient for healthy aging. But what is truly exciting is the emerging research that connects the Vitamin K2 mechanism to other health concerns, making an even stronger argument for the need for a K2-specific RDI.

Vitamin K2 is a vital nutrient newly recognised for supporting bone and cardiovascular health. This has been shown in observational and intervention trials, in healthy and patient populations, in adults and children. Even more recently, it has come to light that K2 status and the vitamin's very mechanism of action impacts other areas of health, including but not limited to brain health, healthy joints, neuropathy, and vision health. All of this evidence lends itself to the argument that correcting a widespread Vitamin K2 deficiency can significantly impact global health. The first step in correcting that deficiency is establishing a Vitamin K2-specific recommended daily intake (RDI).

NattoPharma, the Vitamin K2 world leader, has driven the research to confirm the safe and efficacious benefits of Vitamin K2, providing MenaQ7® as the source material for these groundbreaking studies. The company continues to cultivate a clearer understanding of Vitamin K2's impact on human health, offering a new white paper highlighting the research that expands upon Vitamin K2's potential.

It is strange that a vitamin with such a substantial – and growing – body of evidence is considered "newly recognised," but that is indeed the case. Yet with more study comes further understanding and an undeniable argument for establishing a K2-specific RDI, which is the first step in helping the global population correct a deficiency that can allow them to age in a healthy way.

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