The amazing couple: acmella and ginger working together for pain management

Published: 27-Jan-2022

Facing a global health problem, with the help of nature

As reported by literature data, both Zingiber officinale and Acmella oleracea extracts can be useful as inflammation and pain modulators. Indena’s innovative solution is to exploit the synergy of the amazing couple, through the standardised extracts, which have been proven to provide a rational combination of the two healthy inflammatory and pain relief support action. Starting from such an idea and considering Indena's pioneering commitment to acmella and the availability of quality raw materials from its crops in Sardinia, the company has made technological efforts to associate the two botanical extracts together, with the purpose of create a unique and very effective product.

The result of that effort is Mitidol, the combination of ginger and acmella with an innovative formulation which blends the two oily liquid extracts in a unique fine-powder ingredient.

A one-month human efficay study on joint challenges on Mitidol showed:

  • optimisation of knee functionality confirmed in two different tests: Lhysolm and Womac scale
  • effective on knee pain intensity already after 10 days of supplementation
  • improvement in Quality of Life score (SF-36 questionnaire)
  • improvement in physical activity
  • healthy oxidative response control, possibly causing inflammation:
    -12.7% Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
    -36.4% high sensitivity CRP

Two mechanistic studies suggested that, Mitidol could selectively act on cannabinoid CB2 receptors compared to competitors like Piper nigrum, Commiphora mhirra and palmitoylethanolamide, and as a possible FAAH inhibitor. In conclusion, these results suggest a strong rationale for the use of Mitidol, the combination of Zingiber offcinale and Acmella oleracea, as a natural adjuvant in supporting pain relief.

Download the white paper for more information.

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