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Lipogen partners with Xenesta for Lipogen PSPA

Lipogen grants Xenesta global exclusive rights to market a dietary supplement product based on Lipogen PSPA.

PSPA is Lipogen’s natural brain ingredient clinically demonstrated to support stress management. It will be marketed through Xenesta’s network marketing (MLM) channel.

Xenesta’s PSPA supplement is natural, vegetarian, and contains no preservatives or artificial colours. Lipogen PSPA is a new, patent-protected solution for stress management and brain health support. It is a high quality, vegan-friendly blend of phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidic acid (PA).

The new dietary supplement will come in packaging that provides a monthly supply of the daily dose (400mg of PS + 400mg of PA). These amounts have demonstrated optimal results in clinical research. The new product will be marketed under Xenesta’s brand name.

'The new supplement is scheduled for launch in autumn 2016 in the US market, targeting people aged 20-65 who feel stressed at their workplace or in daily life,' says Kyl Smith, DC, President and CEO of Xenesta. 'I’m impressed with the growing body of science that shows how Lipogen’s phospholipids can be beneficial for consumers, especially millennials who live stressful lifestyles. The double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have verified the efficacy and safety of their unique technologies.'

In 2001, Dr Smith filed a Health Claim Petition for the brain nutrient phosphatidylserine that was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a qualified health claim. He is the author of the acclaimed Brighter Mind – a book that shatters myths about nutrition and medicine as it relates to brain function, laying out four steps for naturally 'supercharging' brain health.

'We are excited to collaborate with Dr Smith and develop a direct channel to reach US consumers,' says David Rutenberg, CEO for Lipogen. 'His reputation and know-how in brain health, particularly in phosphatidylserine, is valuable for our partnership and the success of Lipogen PSPA to serve the stress management market. Today’s consumers are concerned about product source and safety, and together we will be able to fulfill the consumers trust.'

Lipogen PSPA has been successfully demonstrated in controlled clinical trials to improve the body’s stress response under psychological and socially demanding conditions, as measured by lower levels of cortisol, a catabolic stress hormone.

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Studies reveal that PS helps improve the brain functions that decline with age. Specifically, it has shown to improve memory and cognitive function. Lipogen, will exhibit its Lipogen PSPA at SupplySide West, Las Vegas (NV, USA), on 6-7 October 2016.