Symrise launches vanilla website


Demonstrates Symrise’s multifaceted commitment to sustainability

Have you ever wondered where the vanilla in your favorite ice cream comes from?

Enjoy a fascinating journey through the world of vanilla

Enjoy a fascinating journey through the world of vanilla

The newly launched website,, answers this and other questions related to vanilla, Madagascar and the connection of Symrise to both.

'Our vanilla site explores and describes our unique sustainable sourcing model in Madagascar, as well as introducing the people who hold the keys to unlocking vanilla’s magic and creating delicious tasting solutions for our customers. Our new website hopefully contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about natural vanilla and Symrise,' says Reinhard Muehe, project leader in the creation of

'We invite everyone to dive into the three pillars of our vanilla site: a sustainable source, creativity & innovation and a global favourite.'

Your journey of exploration starts in Madagascar, right at the sustainable source of vanilla, a precious place where 80% of the world’s vanilla crop is grown: in the SAVA region of the island, Symrise works with almost 7000 farmers. By sourcing vanilla directly from the famers, the company is creating a truly sustainable, fully integrated supply chain. It also works closely with the farmers to help improve the cultivation process and enhance their livelihoods.

Visitors to the website also learn that as well as sourcing its beans directly from farmers who grow vanilla, Symrise also established a fermentation and extraction plant in the heart of Madagascar. This means, it can produce tailor-made quality for its customers and consumers. Furthermore, this ensures that the work, from sourcing the beans to extracting their wonderful flavour, benefits the communities the company works with.

Short videos introduce the people at Symrise who work with this most precious spice. They create and innovate and work with the vanilla flavours and scents used in products loved by consumers everywhere. Creating extracts from the beans and knowing how to transform these into leading products takes skill, passion and knowledge.

From precise science to the art of analysing consumer preferences, Symrise relies on the best scent and flavour experts to help create a global favourite – for almost 150 years.

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'To celebrate everything about vanilla, the ‘queen of spices,’ and everything we at Symrise do to create vanilla products loved worldwide, we’ve created,' summarises Reinhard Muehe.