Symrise announces diana food portfolio brand of Natural Health Actives


The diana food portfolio of trusted natural ingredients comes with proven efficacy to support consumers with solutions for immunity, gut health, metabolic health, weight management, healthy ageing and more

Symrise announces diana food portfolio brand of Natural Health Actives

Symrise has repositioned the diana food legacy health actives as a portfolio brand for consumer health products. The diana food portfolio perfectly supports the Symrise health strategy ‘Delivering Everyday Health, Everywhere’. Targeting ten important areas of health concerns, the wide range of natural health solutions addresses the current and future needs of consumers around the world.

The growing list of products in the diana food portfolio brand includes solutions for immunity and anti-fatigue, cognitive health, urinary tract health, bone and joint health, cardiovascular health, sports performance, glucose metabolism, detoxification and digestive health, beauty from within, and oral health.

Currently, the portfolio includes a diverse collection of health ingredients. They range from fruit polyphenols, vegetable phytoactives to cartilage extracts. Symrise sources them completely from the highest quality natural and sustainable raw materials.

Decades of scientific expertise in developing and commercialising natural ingredients back the diana food portfolio brand products. Manufactured with proprietary extraction technologies, diana food actives come with very high concentration levels. This means, it takes only very small dosage to provide the full efficacy of the bioactive within the finished product. The company supports its products with strong clinical study designs to demonstrate proof of efficacy and validation of performance functionality. These clinical data support customers’ impactful health communication and positioning for their products.

While others can supply ingredients, only Symrise can supply the perfect blend of knowledge and expertise required to deliver everyday health, everywhere, for the consumer health market.

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