Stevia specialist chooses Brenntag for Vietnamese distribution

Published: 23-Jan-2020

PureCircle has chosen Brenntag to be new distributor of its stevia leaf ingredients in Vietnam

Producer and innovator of stevia sweeteners for the global beverage and food industries, PureCircle, has chosen Brenntag Food & Nutrition to be new distributor of its stevia leaf ingredients in Vietnam.

Using its strong presence in the Vietnam market, Brenntag Vietnam will now offer PureCircle’s stevia leaf ingredients to food and beverage companies, enabling them to use naturally sourced, plant-based solutions to reduce sugar and artificial sweeteners in their products.

“By taking this step, PureCircle and Brenntag Food & Nutrition meet the increasing demand of stevia in this growing market and complement one another with their service offering. We can prove that we are engrained in the local culture and can make use of our local network,” said Margaret Chua, VP of Brenntag Food & Nutrition Asia Pacific.

PureCircle’s next-generation stevia sweeteners offer a clean, sugar-like taste and are made from the stevia leaf. Through R&D, PureCircle has vastly increased its capacity to supply non-GMO certified, next generation stevia leaf ingredients, like Reb M, at cost-effective prices.

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