SternVitamin presents individual nutrient premixes for every phase of life

Published: 21-Oct-2016

The turnover achieved with vitamin and mineral products has been increasing worldwide for years

Against this background, foods with an additional health benefit are rapidly gaining significance.

At this year’s Hi Europe in Frankfurt (stand H22) SternVitamin, the specialist in tailor-made micronutrient premixes, will be presenting individualised lifestyle concepts designed to meet the different needs of consumers.

The premixes, which can be used in a diversity of end products, are geared to the various phases of consumers’ lives. From the wish for a child, through pregnancy and breast feeding, childhood and schooldays to university and working life and finally to old age, SternVitamin develops tailor-made micronutrient premixes for the different phases and situations of our lives in cooperation with its individual customers.

These target-group specific concepts permit diversification of the range and thus open up additional sales potential.

New features of the range include the Relax Premix, directed towards people at work and also students preparing for examinations.

On hectic working days the combination of active ingredients helps to achieve relaxation without causing sleepiness: on the contrary, the user stays wide awake but feels less nervous and stressed.

To achieve this effect SternVitamin composes the premix with ginseng extract, niacin, pantothenic acid and the vitamins B6, B12 and C. According to the health claims the vitamins help to reduce fatigue and promote normal functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Pantothenic acid ensures normal metabolism of the steroid hormones, vitamin D and certain neurotransmitters.

At the exhibition the premix will be shown in the form of gummy bears, but it is also ideal for fortifying soft drinks, teas or snacks. The advantage for manufacturers is that in the European market the positive properties can be used for effective marketing strategies.

The permissible health claims become a powerful marketing tool. They make it possible to advertise the health-promoting effect directly on the pack, in brochures or on a homepage.

The new Relax Premix is just one example of SternVitamin’s many possible concepts. The focus is on customised micronutrient premixes for the fortification of foods and the production of food supplements.

The mixtures can contain a diversity of components such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and also amino acids, plant extracts and numerous other substances. Each premix is adjusted to the customer’s individual product parameters and production processes. This makes it possible to estimate any loss of active ingredients resulting from production and storage of the end products and compensate for it by specific overdosing.

Together with the customer, SternVitamin implements ideas for new products that stand out from their competitors through specific fortification with micronutrients.

In this process, customers benefit by the close co-operation between SternVitamin and its sister companies in the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, which have a comprehensive knowledge of the many different applications.

The spectrum ranges from bakery products, sweets and cereals through beverages, dairy products, oils and fats to food supplements. This know-how is pooled at the Stern-Technology Center in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg. Specialist visitors to HI Europe in Frankfurt will be given details of the range and production of the premixes at SternVitamin’s stand H22.

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