SternEnzym presents a wide range of enzyme systems to optimise food production


In Paris, the enzyme designer from Ahrensburg will focus on the latest applications in the fields of bakery products, sugar and pasta

At Food ingredients Europe 2015 (stand 6F29), SternEnzym will be present solutions to make food production processes more efficient and economical.

Mulgazym DFX is an enzyme system for the production of baked goods. Its use improves the stability of the dough, reduces stickiness and increases fermentation tolerance.

It can be used in all yeast-raised products, such as rolls, baguettes and sandwich loaves. Mulgazym also enhances the functionality of emulsifiers.

As the efficacy of Mulgazym DFX is 20 times that of DATEM, the amount of DATEM used can be reduced considerably ... or replaced. The enzyme system also achieves very acceptable results with weak flours and in complex processes such as retarded fermentation or freezing. Unlike DATEM, Mulgazym DFX is tasteless and heat-stable.

For the sugar industry, SternEnzym will show its multi-enzyme systems from the Sugazym series. The innovative processing aids were developed for the production of refined or raw sugar from beet or sugar cane. With dextranase and amylase, Sugazym simplifies the processing of raw materials containing starch and dextrans, increases the sugar yield and optimises the quality of the sugar crystals. Better juice clarification and longer filter service lives enable manufacturers to reduce their production costs significantly.

With its all-rounder Pastazym, SternEnzym will present a solution with which manufacturers of pasta and noodles can counteract high or greatly fluctuating raw material prices and shortages of raw materials.

Thanks to the enzyme compounds, it is possible to use cheaper wheat varieties and thus keep costs down. Being an all-rounder, Pastazym is suitable for pasta made from both hard and soft wheat, or mixtures of the two. For example, by using Pastazym Plus, it's possible to produce soft wheat noodles with authentic 'al dente' properties and achieve better tolerance to prolonged cooking times. The use of Pastazym also increases the mechanical stability of the dried noodles.

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AT FiE 2015, you'll find SternEnzym on stand 6F29 at the Paris exhibition centre.