SaraPEPP Nu by Mibelle now on the market


New offering by the Swiss ingredient supplier is a unique cognition enhancer prepared from timut pepper and MCT oil

SaraPEPP Nu by Mibelle now on the market

"Be focused—stay smart" is the motto behind the launch of SaraPEPP Nu, the latest addition to the Food & Health portfolio of Mibelle Biochemistry.

The Swiss ingredients supplier said the new product is a natural, unique and innovative cognition enhancer, and that SaraPEPP Nu is prepared from Timut Pepper and MCT oil.

Mibelle explained: "The dried fruits of timut pepper, a member of the citrus family and native to the southern edge of the Himalaya, are used to prepare SaraPEPPTM Nu by a gentle extraction process using MCT (medium- chain triglycerides) oil as extraction solvent.

This process ensures a high content of the main lead substance–the alkylamide "hydroxy-α-sanshool".

MCTs, also called the “brain octane”, passively diffuse from the GI tract into the bloodstream securing a superb bioavailability.

Improvement of cognitive performance has been demonstrated in a placebo-controlled and registered clinical trial in healthy humans (UK working population; n=81) after acute and chronic intake:

  • Improved working memory and attention
  • Increased mental performance
  • Reduced ratings of mental fatigue
  • Improved neural efficacy

Suitable for students, working professionals and golden agers SaraPEPPTM Nu can be easily blended with essential nutrients like omegas, vitamin A & E, carotenoids and others.

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Commenting on the applications, Mibelle said: "Thanks to its fantastic organoleptic properties SaraPEPPTM Nu is also applicable for a broad range of functional food applications including the rising category of nootropic beverages."

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