Sanobiotec refines CBC cannabinoid production


CBC has been explored for use as an antibacterial, acne medication, and migraine therapy

Following production process refinements, Sanobiotec says it can now produce Cannabichromene (CBC) at higher purity and scale, helping researchers explore the compound's therapeutic potential further.

CBC was one of the first cannabinoids to be isolated from the cannabis plant, along with THC. At the time, it was thought CBC was naturally abundant in cannabis. However, advances in chromatography revealed the concentration and properties of CBC were largely misunderstood as it was often isolated in complex with cannabidiol (CBD).

“CBC was called a ‘major’ cannabinoid on account of its abundance. Then researchers realized that all those years they were detecting a CBC-CBD complex. In reality, CBC only constitutes about 0.2% dry weight of a typical plant. Since then, it has been reclassified,” said Rytis V. Urbonas, CEO, Sanobiotec.

CBC has been explored for use as an antibacterial, acne medication, and migraine therapy. It’s also demonstrated potential as an antidepressant. Like CBD, CBC also inhibits nociceptive signalling - the mechanisms that control pain arising from physical injuries. Subsequently, the compound has been validated in reducing inflammation-induced hypermotility in the gastrointestinal tract.

“The unique advantage is the specificity of CBC. While it ameliorates intestinal motility, It does not disrupt the natural passage of food. Thus making it a viable candidate for inflammatory bowel disorders,” said Urbonas.

Sanobiotec says CBC’s potential is yet to be fully explored however. “In addition to clinical research, it is equally important to streamline manufacturing methods. A purified component is essential to ensuring the safety of the user,” said Urbonas. “However, due to the similar physical properties of CBC, CBD, and THC, their separation can be quite challenging."

The company has recently refined a process to access CBC at higher purity and scale.

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"Cannabichromene is one of the most sensitive cannabinoids of all spectrum: its oil physical state narrows the selection of purification techniques, making it a real challenge to produce at a large scale," said Urbonas. "Light, temperature, or even changes in pH can harm product quality by turning it to a dark tar or isomerizing it to other cannabinoids. It took us plenty of experiments, keen attention to detail, and deep technical knowledge; now, we are excited to finally present the market with the highest quality CBC and at scale."