Rousselot makes innovation possible at HiE


The manufacturer of gelatins and collagen peptides will be showcasing its multifunctional and health ingredients on Stand K5

The leading manufacturer of gelatins and collagen peptides, Rousselot (Stand K5), will be showcasing its multifunctional and health ingredients, paving the way for innovation at Hi Europe 2014.

The focus will be on innovative concepts created using its clean label gelatin range and bioactive collagen peptides. A particular highlight will be the launch of a new hydrolysed gelatin that enables manufacturers to reformulate a diverse range of food products, boosting their protein levels.

Attention will also be focused on Peptan, the award-winning collagen peptide range, along with the ever-growing body of scientific research proving the efficacy of these ingredients. Visitors will have the chance to listen to Mai Nygaard, Global Product Manager for Peptan, discussing its benefits for joint health and mobility in an ageing population.

Rousselot’s range of multifunctional gelatin ingredients allows for the easier formulation, reformulation and protein enrichment of many products.

Experts will be on hand to advise how gelatin can reduce the fat and sugar content of better-for-you products, helping formulators to tap into evolving consumer trends.

Making its début in Amsterdam will be Rousselot’s latest innovation, a hydrolysed gelatin that can help manufacturers meet their protein enrichment and reformulation goals. Visitors to the stand can experience reduced-fat savoury cakes and protein enriched bars made using this innovative ingredient.

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Originating from natural sources, Peptan affords multiple health and beauty benefits. The subject of numerous studies, it has been clinically proven to increase skin hydration by 28%, to reduce collagen fragmentation by 31% and increase collagen density by 9%. Rousselot will unveil the findings of the latest study into Peptan’s skin beauty benefits during the HiE show.

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