Purity testing nutraceuticals

Kirkman's VP discusses why testing supplements for purity is so important

Herbal supplements at four of New York's major retail chains (GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart) were pulled off the shelf last week. The state's attorney general's office demanded the removal after finding problems with the herbals ranging from false label claims to contamination and safety issues.

'That was not good publicity for the nutritional supplement industry,' Kulani Mahikoa, Executive Vice President of Kirkman nutritional supplement company said. 'Most supplement companies are extremely diligent about producing quality products, she added.

Kirkman, a 65-year-old Oregon company, is the leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements for those with sensitivities and special dietary requirements.

'Several years ago, we found out the hard way that we could not tell what was in our supplements unless we tested it,' Mahikoa said. 'The decision to adopt our Ultra Tested protocol, which remains the highest standard of purity testing in the nutraceutical industry, was an expensive one. In fact, no other company has made the investment in the same degree of purity testing that we have. We did it, because many of our customers are sensitive to allergens and we put our customers first — always.'

Kirkman offers a variety of supplements and vitamins, specifically manufactured for those with food sensitivities. Almost all of Kirkman's supplements are gluten, casein and dairy free with specific allergy information clearly stated on every label. Kirkman's Ultra Tested line of products far exceed industry quality standards and has earned the company the reputation as the leading manufacturer for individuals with special needs who require hypoallergenic and ultra-pure supplements.

All of the products that Kirkman manufactures are Ultra Tested except lotions, creams and oils.