Purecircle begins direct sale of proprietary NSF-02 natural stevia flavour solution


Plant-based ingredient enhances sweetness and balances flavour

PureCircle is now offering its proprietary NSF-02 stevia flavour solution directly to its customers. This important PureCircle solution was previously distributed by a third party as a strategic option within PureCircle’s growing natural flavour portfolio.

PureCircle is now able to provide food and beverage companies as well as flavour houses direct purchase of, and access to, the ingredient.

Protected by PureCircle’s intellectual property, the NSF-02 stevia solution is part of the company’s robust portfolio of stevia leaf ingredients including sweeteners, flavour modifiers and functional ingredients.

The NSF-02 stevia flavour is a unique solution. It is widely valued and used for its ability to enhance sweetness quality and balance overall flavour profile, while minimising off-notes and aftertaste.

The NSF-02 solution is produced from the stevia leaf and labelled as natural flavour, while delivering sweetness enhancement and balanced flavour profiles. Companies can now purchase NSF-02 stevia flavour directly from PureCircle, and work with the company on how to apply this ingredient as part of flavour systems.

Customers using NSF-02 stevia flavour can leverage PureCircle’s industry-leading formulation expertise and technical support with stevia-based ingredients in flavour systems and optimised sweetener/flavour solutions across a broad set of consumer product applications.

Consumers are increasingly mindful about their health and wellness and about the ingredients in the foods and beverages they consume. Food and beverage companies are responding to that. Ingredients seen as natural have growing appeal. PureCircle’s flavor portfolio – including the NSF-02 solution — fills that bill perfectly.

Commenting on PureCircle’s offering of NSF-02, PureCircle Deputy CEO, Stephane Ducroux, said: “The NSF-02 stevia solution is a flagship ingredient in our flavour portfolio. We are pleased to directly supply this important ingredient to everyone in the food and beverage industry."

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"It can be used as a standalone ingredient or as part of flavour systems and multi-ingredient solutions to deliver the best combination of taste, cost effectiveness and compliance. Our technical team is uniquely equipped to help with the synergies between flavour modifiers and stevia leaf natural sweeteners. We are dedicated to serving food, beverage and flavour house customers with the best stevia leaf ingredients, today and tomorrow.”