PureCircle unveils Stevia cocoa and vanilla flavour enhancers


Cost effective, sustainable solutions to bolster customer supply of cocoa and vanilla ingredients to respond to consumer demand

PureCircle producer and innovator of great tasting stevia sweeteners for the global beverage and food industry, launched its new stevia leaf based flavour enhancers.

These flavour enhancers significantly augment both vanilla and cocoa flavours, enabling companies to produce products at a manageable price point.

The new products can be labelled as natural flavours on product ingredient labels. These breakthroughs build on PureCircle’s extensive range of flavours, which allows them to enhance key benefits such as mouthfeel, sweetness quality and different tonalities across a wide range of applications.

Consumer demand for natural cocoa and vanilla ingredients has never been stronger. As evidenced by global new product launches from Mintel*, new products containing cocoa have grown +16% during the past 5 years and vanilla has increased +31% over the same time period (2011 to 2016).

PureCircle’s new flavour enhancers bolster companies’ supply of limited cocoa and vanilla ingredients, thereby diversifying risk strategies by introducing a plant based solution. These new products will allow developers to reduce the amounts of cocoa and vanilla alongside sugar without compromising taste.

Commodity markets for cocoa and vanilla can be highly volatile. In 2016, cocoa prices fluctuated between US$2000 and $3000 per metric ton. Following much publicised flooding and other issues, experts have estimated vanilla will exceed $500/ kg.

These new stevia leaf discoveries enable PureCircle to engage with customers active in the $12 billion cocoa market and $1bn vanilla market (based on current prices).

Along with these flavour enhancer discoveries, PureCircle’s innovative stevia sweeteners continue to see heavy adoption as they enable low calorie and zero calorie formulations of food and beverages.

Faith Son, Head of Marketing and Innovation at PureCircle, said: “We are excited to have an opportunity to meet new needs of our customers by introducing these flavour enhancers that specifically address cocoa and vanilla.

"PureCircle strives to uncover new properties within the stevia leaf, this breakthrough enables it to service new markets and customers in a meaningful way. PureCircle is committed to maximising the full potential extracted from each leaf and we believe our ability to reduce sugar and enhance key flavour tonalities naturally will be a winning combination.”

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