Probi targets iron absorption with new probiotic


Company launches new probiotic iron absorption product and receives award nomination

Probi now offers a new probiotic iron absorption product, Probi FerroSorb. The product will be available through partners worldwide and the first market launch is planned for the beginning of 2016.

Probi FerroSorb has also been nominated to the Food ingredients Europe Innovation Awards 2015, in the category ‘Best Functional Innovation.’ The winner will be announced at the FiE event in Paris in December 2015. 'We are very proud to have been nominated for this award. It is a proof that our R&D can bring new innovative products to the market, addressing a widespread unmet medical need,' says Gun-Britt Fransson, Director of R&D.

Probi FerroSorb offers a new approach for probiotic consumer products, both within the functional food and consumer healthcare segments. First product launch is planned to take place in Sweden in February 2016, and other international markets are to follow for the rest of the year and in 2017.

'Probi is already very successful with Probi Digestis and Probi Defendum, our gastro and immune platforms. We are now very proud to launch the new probiotic platform, Probi FerroSorb, targeting iron deficiency in a unique way. This will create an opportunity for continuous growth for the probiotic category,' says Linda Neckmar, Director of Marketing and Sales, Consumer Healthcare.

Probi FerroSorb is well documented, with five clinical trials showing a significant increase of iron absorption from a meal. The consumer benefit of this groundbreaking R&D is an increased iron uptake while maintaining a well-functioning digestive system.

Probi FerroSorb, formulated into a capsule, is a combination of the clinically documented lactic acid bacteria LP299V, vitamin C, folic acid and a carefully balanced amount of iron. It is a supplement for preventive use targeting women of childbearing age at risk of iron deficiency. One capsule daily with a main meal will help to meet iron requirements, while leaving a minimal amount of unabsorbed iron in the intestines. Probi FerroSorb solves iron deficiency in a completely new way, by increasing uptake – not just intake.

'The crucial difference between Probi FerroSorb and a traditional iron supplement is the reduced risk of side-effects normally seen with traditional iron supplement,' adds Linda Neckmar.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), iron deficiency is the predominant nutritional deficiency worldwide, both in industrialised and developing countries. About 20-30% of the women in child bearing age suffer from iron deficiency with symptoms including fatigue, shortness of breath, poor immune function and impaired concentration.

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The gastrointestinal side-effects of traditional high dose iron supplements are often caused by poor absorption. Unabsorbed iron in the intestines can upset the intestinal flora and cause symptoms such as nausea and constipation. One of the reasons for these side-effects is that iron acts as a nutrient for several undesirable intestinal bacteria. The conflict between a high iron requirement and the risk of side-effects when using high doses of iron supplement can only be solved in one way – by improving iron uptake.