Probi Defendum shown to support immune system

The clinical trial was published in The Journal of Nutrition

In a clinical study, Probi Defendum has been confirmed to offer beneficial effects on the immune system in fighting viral common colds.

The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicentre study included 900 adults and reportedly confirmed the clinical immune health support of Probi Defendum.

“Almost 900 healthy adults - over three winter seasons - took part in the study, and the participants in the probiotic group experienced significantly fewer common cold episodes, compared to the placebo group, and fewer recurring colds. Probi Defendum is now supported by 4 clinical studies, which repeatedly have shown a beneficial effect”, said Titti Niskanen, Director R&D & Clinical Operations. “And in addition, the study provided new data to support the hypothesized mechanism of action, i.e readying the immune system and supporting a complementary inflammatory response.”

Tom Rönnlund, CEO at Probi, emphasised the importance of immune health: “We all know the benefits of a strong and healthy immune system, which has been particularly important this year.” He continues: “On average adults suffer from 2-4 episodes of common cold and upper respiratory tract infections per year and children as many as 6-8 yearly episodes, which results in many sick days and absence from daycare and workplaces. With these new data we again show that Probi Defendum can safely be used to support a healthy immune system and its ability to fight the common cold.”