Private Label Nutraceuticals launches two quality skincare products to support healthy ageing


In addition to formulating and producing its own branded supplements and vitamins for private label, PLN also provides its clients with custom formulation services

Private Label Nutraceuticals (PLN), a contract manufacturer of a broad range of quality nutritional supplements, has introduced two new additions to its line of private label skincare products.

The new PLN Plant Super Stem Cell Cream leverages powerful plant stem cells including Malus domestica fruit cell culture extract, Iris padilla leaf extract and Nymphaea caerulea leaf extract.

Plant stem cells are extracted from the stems themselves, and have the potential to transform themselves into other types of cells, such as human skin cells. All skin requires new cells to repair damage, and people produce fewer new skin cells as they age. These advanced ingredients have been shown to encourage healthy skin cell growth, and repair skin damage to provide healthy ageing support.

PLN’s new Phytoceramide Cream provides extreme hydration, and includes rosemary and balm mint extracts. Ceramides are the hormones required to maintain moisture in the skin cells.

As individuals age, the ability to produce these hormones is greatly reduced. This often results in increased dryness, wrinkles, cracks and irritation in the skin. Using naturally extracted ceramides from plants, the PLN Phytoceramide Cream safely and effectively delivers high-quality ceramides back into the skin.

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Private Label Nutraceuticals makes these products available in one-ounce containers to its clients for custom labelling, packaging and fulfilment. For more information, visit