Pharmactive begins ‘nutra meets pharma’ initiative


The initiative will be lead by the recently appointed Paul Clayton, Chair of the company’s scientific advisory board

Pharmactive begins ‘nutra meets pharma’ initiative

Pharmactive Biotech is introducing its branded ingredients to the pharmaceutical market, including its affron saffron extract, designed to support mental health. The company has appointed Paul Clayton, PhD as Chair of its scientific advisory board. Together with Pharmactive’s Medical Advisor, Carlos Galmarini, PhD, Clayton will lead this move.

“Including high-level medical and natural science experts on the advisory board enables the company to combine and reconciliate the two worlds of pharma and nutraceuticals, to benefit both consumers and medical practitioners and will help the pharmaceutical business provide greater value to their patrons,” says Jean-Marie Raymond, CEO at Pharmactive.

Clayton is a clinical pharmacologist and pharmacological nutritionist. He is the former Chair of the Forum on Food & Health (UK) and a former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government’s Committee on the Safety of Medicines. In addition to his position at Pharmactive, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Food, Brain & Behaviour (Oxford). As an advisor at Pharmactive, he will support strategic product development, advise in clinical studies protocols, and provide consumer insights. “Clayton will serve as the voice of the consumer and the nutraceutical industry using his extensive knowledge of natural pharmacology to bring an evidence-based, prevention-focused point of view to physicians,” said Raymond.

Galmarini is the Founder and CEO of Topazium Smart Medicine, a biomedical and pharmaceutical artificial intelligence platform based in Madrid, Spain. He earned his medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires. He practiced medicine at both Marie Curie Hospital and Carlos G. Durand Hospital, Buenos Aires, and held medical research positions in oncology at Rockefeller and Lyon Sud Medical Schools, France, where he was appointed as an associate professor. He later joined PharmaMar as Head of Cell Biology and Pharmacogenomics, where he was in charge of drug screening, molecular biology and pharmacogenomics. He has authored more than 120 publications.

“An ingredient for mood health, such as Pharmactive’s validated saffron extract, affron, can be used as stand-alone or to enhance pharmaceutical products,” said Clayton. “Consumers are seeking science-based, natural mental wellness solutions and Pharmactive can answer this demand, having already pioneered in the field. The company recently published a clinical study on affron with antidepressants, and there are more to come.”

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“Pharmactive is researching and developing natural products supported by clinical studies to complement standard-of-care medications," added Galmarini. “The goal is to support consumers’ mental health and metabolic balance. To that end, Pharmactive brings together innovation, nature, and ‘disruptive’ value to the pharmaceutical industry, challenging current paradigms.”