PharmaLinea returns to Vitafoods Asia on a larger scale

Published: 11-Sep-2019

The Slovenia-based company won an award at the Tasting Centre at the event last year

PharmaLinea is returning to Vitafoods Asia on a larger scale to showcase its latest innovations. The Slovenia-based country won an award at the Tasting Centre at the event last year.

Raising clinical substantiation standards

Clinical substantiation is one of the core principles the company aims to promote at the show.

Liquid products from >Your< Immuniq Line and >Your< Iron Line both have ongoing clinical trials of the highest standard and will be available for presentation and sampling.

Particularly in immunity nutraceuticals, the range of quality of clinical trials needs to be emphasised. The study on >Your< Immuniq Syrup is not only double-blind, comparator product-controlled and randomised, but also multi-centric and multi-seasonal: far from the standard, PharmaLinea believes this to be key for immunity products.

With over 200 subjects already completing the trial in multiple testing centres over the course of several seasons, results will objectively demonstrate the efficacy of our product.

Delivering supplements in innovative user-friendly forms

PharmaLinea prides itself on superior user-experience and received an award at Vitafoods Asia 2018 Tasting Centre. This year, Pharmalinea is aiming to ensure better compliance by innovating in delivery forms. Iron and vitamin D are among the most common micronutrient deficiencies in Asia. PharmaLinea answers the need by supplying the best sources of these fundamental nutrients in multiple user-friendly forms.

Visit Pharmalinea at Booth N22.

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