Nutrient premixes for lifestyle drinks from SternVitamins at HIE


The company will be presenting nutrient premixes for innovative lifestyle drinks on Stand H4

Tailor-made micronutrient premixes designed to meet individual specifications are SternVitamin’s core business. At Hi Europe (Stand H4), the company will be presenting nutrient premixes for innovative lifestyle drinks targeting brainpower, mind calming and beauty. Containing various components such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, amino acids, plant extracts and other valuable ingredients, each premix is tailor-made to customer-specific product parameters and production processes.

The new Mind Calming premix is designed to be part of a supportive lifestyle diet that helps the consumer to relax in hectic situations. Besides selected B vitamins and vitamin C, the premix contains plant extracts from elder and balm, making it an ideal base for relaxing lifestyle drinks directed towards a broad target group — from the working population through students to children and senior citizens.

The Brainpower premix containing vitamins, minerals and green tea extract. It aids concentration and memory and can also help to delay cognitive decline. This premix is directed towards a variety of consumer groups, too, including working people, students and elderly persons. As a positive side-effect, drinks made with the Brainpower premix contribute to an adequate supply of liquid, which is also important for optimum concentration and fitness.

The lifestyle premixes can be dosed and adjusted to suit different target groups and customer requirements.

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SternVitamin also offers advice on developing ideas for new products that will stand out from their competitors through specific micronutrient fortification.