Noventure signs licensing agreement for drinkable EPA supplement

Under the terms of the agreement, Noventure has the rights to license EPA3G to specialised companies with expertise in the commercialisation of supplements

Noventure has signed an exclusivity agreement for the licensing of the food supplement EPA3G, with Azur, a division of Solutex.

There is much debate on the amount of omega-3 required to deliver meaningful health benefits and on what is a realistic dosage to suit everyday lifestyles, Noventure says. It suggests current options of multiple servings, or bulky capsules, are not ideal.

EPA3G is designed to meet this need. It’s a drinkable emulsion available in sachets containing nearly three grams of pure EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in one daily dose.

Under the terms of the agreement, Noventure has the rights to license EPA3G to specialised companies. These must have marketing expertise and knowledge in the commercialisation of high-end food supplements. The agreement covers over 50 countries on different continents.

“Noventure’s mission is to shape innovative science assets and bring them to markets around the world. With this agreement, people will now have a differentiated, value-added omega-3 product, which is effective and easy to use,” said Luciano Conde, CEO of Noventure. “We are very pleased to work with Azur, together we will keep building strong partnerships based on a shared understanding of user’s needs and pursue market opportunities whilst growing together.”

“Globally, EPA is gaining importance and becoming a part of many consumer’s daily diet. The key reasons for this market growth have been the increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases and people choosing preventive healthcare measures,” said Julio Boza, CEO of Azur. “Consumer desire for high effectiveness and bioavailability has also ensured manufacturers seek more highly concentrated forms to better provide efficacious doses of EPA. We are delighted to work with Noventure. We believe this technology will allow people to satisfy their omega-3 requirements in a convenient drinkable format. This is a great example of transforming bright science and technology into breakthrough, sustainable commercial solutions and is an example of how to work and grow together.”