Nordic Naturals introduces Omega ONE


Small, once-daily softgel offers convenience and potency

Nordic Naturals has added Omega ONE, a once-daily omega-3 fish oil supplement, to its product portfolio.

Omega ONE is formulated using Nordic Naturals' exclusive, new, ultra-concentrated omega-3 oil. This breakthrough oil combines 80% EPA+DHA concentration with 90+% triglyceride form for optimal potency and absorption.

Smaller than the average fish oil softgel, Omega ONE is convenient and easy to take. Nordic Naturals patented flavouring process and natural citrus essence give it a light, lemon taste that ensures no fishy burps. Omega ONE is in the natural triglyceride form, which research shows is better absorbed and utilised by the body than synthetic ethyl ester fish oils.

'There are still many people who are just learning about fish oil and its many health benefits,' said Aimée Shunney, ND, Nordic Naturals Advisory Board member. 'The ease and potency of this product — more than 500 mg of EPA and DHA in a small softgel — make it great for them. It's also ideal for folk who take omega-3s to maintain good health and want the convenience of taking just one pill. For my patients who need more omega-3 support, I might suggest two softgels. It's a versatile product and a great way to start the day strong!'

Extensive scientific research shows that omega-3s help maintain heart health, brain health and optimal wellness. Omega ONE contains 500 IU of added vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), the natural form of vitamin D preferred for optimal absorption, which supports mood and immune health.

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Omega ONE is also non-GMO, free from artificial ingredients and certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea.