NextFerm Technologies applies for new yeast astaxanthin patent


Several studies have shown first evidence of Astaferm’s high antioxidative capacity compared to algae-derived astaxanthin

Astaferm production process

NextFerm Technologies, a supplier of novel active ingredients derived from yeast fermentation, has filed a patent for its yeast-derived natural astaxanthin, Astaferm. The patent covers Astaferm novel composition providing excellent antioxidative properties.

“The patent allows us to share with our customers our recent findings of several studies showing first evidence of its high antioxidative capacity also when compared to algae-derived astaxanthin” said Elzaphan Hotam, VP of Global Marketing & CEO of NextFerm USA.

Natural astaxanthin, regardless of its source, has a strong antioxidative activity. It is able to cross the blood brain-barrier and integrate into cell’s membrane due to its molecular structure, therefore neutralises free radicals both inside and out of the cell. This is the fundamental reason why it is considered as “best in class” in the antioxidant category.

NextFerm has carried out studies and has presented results of recent in vitro and human clinical studies showing that Astaferm has a strong antioxidative effect.

We are excited with our indications on the potential prevention of blood lipid peroxidation

“We are excited with our indications on the potential prevention of blood lipid peroxidation following consumption of Astaferm. These initial findings serve as a bases for clinical collaboration with leading customers. The protection of cell lipids from oxidation is known to be related to the prevention of many inflammatory diseases, and NextFerm intends to continue and explore this important direction.,” said Dr Tzafra Cohen, Co-founder and Senior VP of R&D.

The majority of astaxanthin available today for human consumption is based on algae astaxanthin and is mostly limited to softgels applications due to poor flavour and odour.

Last year NextFerm was the first to roll out natural, non-GMO astaxanthin that is extracted from yeast-fermentation and is intended for human consumption (Astaferm).

Hotam explained: “This antioxidative effect we have seen adds up to yet another important attribute of our technology: it is highly potent, flavourless and odourless. These properties make it an ideal candidate for any desired applications including ones in which till now failed to penetrate, such as: gummies or powder pre-mixes.”

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“We believe that this potent effect along with other physical properties that are unique to our technology will place Astaferm as the leading astaxanthin brand in years to come,” concluded Hotam.