Nexira launches HEPURE, a new ingredient for hepatoprotection and detoxification


Nexira is also presenting its new synergistic combination of acacia and baobab, its latest clinical results on Cognivia, WINNER ingredient of the NIE Awards 2021, and its new NutriBeauty range

Join us at SupplySide West, Booth #2457

Join us at SupplySide West, Booth #2457

HEPURE, Clean & Care

HEPURE is an organic formulation, combining Clove and Immortelle, which comes from the rocky and sunny lands of the Corsican maquis in France. HEPURE is gently processed with a water extraction and no carrier.

HEPURE has confirmed the best synergy in direct antioxidant activity and its superiority in increasing gene expression coding for antioxidant defenses by the liver cell (nutrigenomic mechanism). A detox cure can help maintain energy and vitality, strengthen the immune system, contribute to digestive well-being, preserve the skin’s beauty, and assist with weight loss.

inavea™ baobab acacia, the First Carbon Neutral Prebiotic

Our organic synergistic formulation of Baobab & Acacia offers proven prebiotic effect for enhanced digestive health. inavea™ baobab acacia has demonstrated complementarity & significant prebiotic activities with a full spectrum fermentation. The study showed the promotion of beneficial bacteria, including the Bifidobacterium spp., and specific bacteria families such as Akkermansiaceae and Christensenellaceae.

This new ingredient is Carbon Neutral.

Cognivia™, the vegetal nootropic to boost working memory, WINNER of the NIE Awards 2021!

Our NEW clinical study during intense physical activity has highlighted acute effect, working memory boost, reaction time improvement and perceived exertion decrease.

NutriBeauty, Nourish Beauty, Naturally

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This new line addresses the main market segments: Glow & Beauty, Youth & Prevention and Hair & Nails Care. Nexira has selected natural and unique ingredients with an upgrade thanks to its state-of-the-art industrial know-how. This range offers nutritional richness for sublime beauty, answering manufacturers and consumers’ needs.