Nexira acquires locust bean gum producer


Swiss-based Unipektin Ingredients also supplies specialty ingredients such as tara gum, hydrolysed guar gum and beet fire

Nexira, a supplier in acacia fibre and natural plant-based ingredients for the food, nutrition and health industries, has acquired the Swiss-company Unipektin Ingredients, a specialist in natural hydrocolloids and ingredients.

"This acquisition consolidates our position as a key player in natural plant-based ingredients - a dynamic market that caters to consumers seeking new sensory experiences and plant-based, natural, sustainably produced alternatives," said Olivier Houalla, Nexira MD.

Unipektin produces natural ingredients for the food industry. The company is a producer of locust bean gum, which is used for its thickening, stabilising properties. Its product range also includes a number of other specialty ingredients such as specific grades of tara gum, hydrolysed guar gum, and beet fibre.

With a turnover of more than $150m in 2021, and 90% of that total coming from exports, Nexira is a producer of functional, clean-label ingredients. The company says it can guarantee a reliable supply chain and continued access to raw materials, with full traceability.

"After a successful diversification, providing a wide range of premium and branded botanical extracts to the health and nutrition markets, we are affirming our external growth strategy with the acquisition of a 100% equity interest in Unipektin Ingredients AG. This new acquisition consolidates our position as an undisputed and independent world leader in natural ingredients for food and nutrition," said Mathieu Dondain, Nexira General Manager.

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The group has a presence on 5 continents and in more than 80 countries with companies in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Japan, Singapore, France, and Africa. "This is an excellent opportunity to provide Unipektin Ingredients AG with enhanced international exposure, highly skilled customer service, and expanded recognition for reliable sourcing," said Robert Ackermann, member of the board of directors of Unipektin Ingredients.