New study sheds fresh light on the suncare benefits of NutroxSun


Early results from a large-scale clinical trial show that NutroxSun offers significant sun protection and antiageing benefits

Early results from a large-scale clinical trial show that NutroxSun, the natural ingredient developed by Monteloeder, offers significant sun protection and antiageing benefits in the form of better resistance to sunburn, increased skin elasticity, reduced skin wrinkle depth and decreased oxidation of skin cells.

In the as-yet unpublished study, conducted in Italy by an independent laboratory, 105 subjects were divided into three groups and given dietary supplements containing either 100mg or 250mg of NutroxSun or a placebo. Researchers then exposed the skin on their backs to UV light and measured levels of skin damage at regular intervals.

They found that after just 2 weeks, skin elasticity in the NutroxSun groups increased by between 2.9% and 3.3%, compared with a decrease of 0.1% in the placebo group. After one month, skin elasticity increased by between 5.5% and 5.8% in the NutroxSun groups and by 0.8% in the placebo group.

The researchers also measured wrinkle depth and found a reduction in the NutroxSun groups of between 8.8% and 9.1% after two weeks and between 12.6% and 13.4% after a month. In the placebo group, wrinkle depth increased by 1.2% after two weeks and decreased by 2.2% after a month.

When they looked at lipid peroxidation, which is a measure of oxidation of the skin cells, they saw that it was diminished in the NutroxSun groups by between 9.7% and 10.2% after two weeks and 16.2% and 16.4% after a month. In the placebo group, lipid peroxidation increased by 5% after two weeks and 5.4% after one month. The study continues and will report 2-month results shortly.

Fernando Cartagena, Director of Monteloeder, said: 'This study is an unusually large trial for this field of nutrition and we’ve been delighted with the positive results, which have been greater and have been demonstrated more quickly than we’d expected. We’re also pleased to see that similar results were achieved for both the 100mg and 250mg doses, with the statistical difference between the two considered insignificant across all three of the these antiageing parameters.'

He added: 'Previous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of NutroxSun at 250mg a day, and this trial confirms this once again. However, it’s noteworthy that a 100mg dose works just as well. This means it’s possible to create dietary supplements that are easier for consumers to take – for example in one capsule instead of two – and which cost less to produce without any negative impact on the effectiveness of the product.'

The researchers also measured levels of skin redness among the subjects and found that while the 250mg dose got to work fastest, reducing redness after just 25 hours, the 100mg dose began delivering benefits soon afterwards – within 48 hours. Meanwhile, levels of redness in the placebo group increased substantially.

In addition, the research team recorded the minimal erythema dose (MED) – the threshold dose of UV at which sunburn first appears. It was found that both the 100mg and 250mg groups experienced a 20% increase in their MED, thereby significantly delaying the onset of sunburn, after taking NutroxSun for one month. In contrast, the placebo group registered an increase of only 2.7%.

NutroxSun is a blend of natural grapefruit and rosemary extracts in a powder form that’s easy to use in applications such as dietary supplements and functional shots and beverages. This latest study adds to an already strong body of evidence demonstrating its efficacy in providing skin defence from within.

The benefits of sun protection from within products, as opposed to creams and sprays, are becoming more widely appreciated. Topical sunscreens alone often fail to provide reliable all-day defence for the skin. Most people only apply sunscreen at a quarter of the 2mg/cm2 recommended level , in which case a product designed to offer an SPF50 will only deliver a quarter of this protection. Even if somebody applies a topical product in sufficient quantity, it can soon wear off due to everyday processes such as sweating or rubbing against clothing.

Furthermore, most people only apply topical sunscreens when they are actively seeking sun exposure. With an estimated 80% of lifetime sun exposure occurring incidentally , this can leave skin vulnerable to damage for significant portions of time. People also need sunlight to reach their skin to stay healthy. Blocking the sun out with topical products may contribute to vitamin D deficiency, which is linked with various cancers and bone disease. When using a suncare-from-within product such as NutroxSun, these problems are overcome.

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Fernando added: 'There’s a clear need for people to protect their skin from the sun for both health and cosmetic reasons. Orally consumed, sun-protective products offer big advantages compared with topical sunscreens alone, and NutroxSun’s plant-based formulation combines scientifically proven protection with the added appeal of 100% natural credentials. This represents a big opportunity for companies looking to explore the lucrative market for suncare-from-within.'